To give you a bit of an insight into my life, I’ve started playing video games back when I was a little turd pile of flesh and bone at the age of only 7. My family owned a computer (and a crappy one at that) that could surprisingly run like 3 apps at once and not spontaneously combust. I grew up playing lots of casual games really, some obscure titles as well. There’s this website that my dad would pirate games from back in the day from the company Big Fish Games. He got us many titles like the Azada series, Ancient quest of Saqqarah, Zuma and lots of other “Marble popper” style games that I don’t remember the names of. They we’re all fun either way. I mean, it was these games or nothing as we weren’t rich enough to own game consoles like a Wii or an Xbox360.

 The reason why I’m telling you all of this is because even though I couldn't grow up with great titles from the mid-2000's I still have a passion for gaming and it's industry, which motivates me to explore and discover great titles (based on my preferences, of course)

 Also, fuck Rouge-like’s, fuck them to death I hate them and if you like them I do not want to talk to you, get away from me.


Whatever man, here’s a bullet point list of games I wrote about:


Also, here's some links to several playthroughs of games that I've posted on Youtube: