🎵You mother, get up, come on, get down with the bitches🎵

  This one may be hit or miss for some of you, as this one is not meant to be listened by hyperactive, ADHD ridden children that are low functioning dumbasses in society, but rather meant for ass haired, smelly and old fucks.

It may be one of the more cooler album covered so ar, as this is THE badass thing I've listened in a while. Not as in driving down a road in a huge ass motorcycle dressed as a leather & women loving, bald or long haired biker while listening to "Bad to the bone" or Metallica badass type but badass as in partaking in the shittiest biology class and being taught about the human nature (like the mental state of insanity, psychosis, manipulative tendencies of some people, racism, feeling numb, violence, desire for sex, etc) by the coolest professor with the sexiest and most manliest voice, like, ever. I seriously still can't get over David Draiman's sexy voice and singing, he sounds just like me whenever I'm struggling to take a shit while being constipated😍, like, girl I just fucking can't anymore💘💖.

I wholeheartedly recommend this album to those who have mommy issues or just regular issues that just want to have a good time while listening to something badass that may make you cum or piss yourself.

Either way this album is good, good AF, 10/10 listen to it NOW