This album truly has it all, it is really that amazing.

          Slayer's "God hates us all" is so good in fact, that is even great as a tool for self inducing heart attacks (but I guess that's just due to the usual violent nature of Slayer's music in general). So if you are going to actually listen to this album, just as a safety precaution, TAKE BREAKS IN BETWEEN SONGS, trust me bro.

          As for the quality of said songs, they are heart-fuckingly, ground-shakingly, posterior-poundingly, father-fornicatingly amazing. The songs in this one are so powerful, it feels like they are the musical embodiment of a Monster energy drink that has been spiked with Xanax and crack-cocaine. So powerful that they'll determine you to commit such vile acts of cruelty and violence that will make wrestling look like child's play.

          They are about, you fucking guess it, the rejection of the God. Specifically, its about calling him out for his stupid bullshit while mankind breaks apart due to violence and sin (that's why I nicknamed this album to "The joy of violence with Tom Araya"). It's still enough as to not keep you bored, you dopamine terrorist.

          Is this the best Slayer album? Probably not, I dunno. I haven't cared enough to listen to their other albums to really know anything about them really, but I do like this one and you probably will too.

Keep this one away from grannies as this one is a 8.764/10. Not bad but I'll still listen to this once in a full moon as I've got better things to listen to.



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