Have you ever wondered what would result from heavy substance abuse and shitty toxic relationships that you should have gone out of many years ago but only now you did and you feel relieved but also kinda shitty about? Have you ever wondered what fun activity could you pursue in order to help pass the time while you’re going thru rehab? Me fuckin neither, but I don’t think that any of us could have ever predicted that out of all the above reasons would result into a cool sexy album, let alone a cool sexy album of this caliber.

Three days Grace’s “One-X” album has got to be one of my favorite things post-grunge, alt-rock related. It’s so masterclass, it will eat ass, your ass, from the inside out, kinda like a brown note (not really).

It was produced by 4 main Canadian stooges who one of them (the lead singer) Adam Gontier, went through the many things described above whilst doing the nr. 1 worst mistake that anybody could do, taking Oxycodone instead of regular breakfast, too much of it… every day. And thus, made him write this stupid fucking album of proportional epicness which either alternates from feelings of “depression, hopelessness and alienation” (which don’t exist lol, man up) to the ever iconic feeling that every man should recognize, the “fuck it, we ball” mentality, which, for this album, has been replaced to “fuck it, we riot” in order to better fit the mood.

The songs are great, duh. It’s alternative rock for the chronically depressed, of course it is great, go ask your already dead friends if they can relate (shit, nevermind, you can’t, cause if you are reading this it means you don’t have any). That being said, on a more serious note, unlike most albums already talked about, this one may actually be sorta therapeutic (don’t trust me I’m not a doctor) as this album’s raw, emotional and cathartic feel may serve as a channel for expressing one’s feelings, which it worked for me, kinda (not really, I never consumed Oxycodone nor have I ever fucked toxic people, only the mentally deranged). The variety in the album's emotional range contributes to its overall impact, making it resonate with us pussies who appreciate real music that explores the real complexities of the real human experience and not the self-proclaimed bullshit you often see published on the net for attention.

Nobody with these sorts of issues really want attention for it, cause if they we’re to, we wouldn’t have so many fatalities.

With all that being said, I’m not going to bore you right now with the intricacies of this album, because you should bore yourself with them, go listen to the fuckin album NOW.

It’s a 10/10 for me


Link to a yt playlist of the album can be foundhere