This album is amazing, really. Unlike Michael Stevens, I don't often question nor doubt the pristine quality that a product has when I see it. This album is a ballad of awesomeness, baked like a cinnamon roll in tragedy, sorrow, regret, repentance and action and covered in that juicy prog-rock goodness. It emanates an vengeful attitude, similar to the likes of individuals that get shit done. These songs are so fucking cool that it will psyche you enough to push through the battle against gigantic ants with your trusty weapon. It's a performance piece which proves the masterclass that Dream Theater has as musicians , with some of their songs lasting longer than 10 fucking minutes! Which is insane, these guys are not serious, or even fuckin normal! Like, holy fuckity fuckin' fuck (have I said "fuck" enough?). I mean, it's complex shit, requiring knowledge on how to even break up the compositions  into different sequences , making sure that the lyrics come together into a nice climax that actually makes sense and figuring out different ways to even keep the listener engaged in the first place , which I think D.T. really nailed, in all aspects, especially in this album.

The muzix is good, like I said, mostly long-ass badass songs that are usually being broken in 2-3 parts (usually) with instrumental pauses. Various different themes of destruction like the self afflicted type that millennials and GenZ-ers approve of, war and even plotting the destruction of mankind with The Dark Lord Sayten (my man Lucy still owes me 5 dollars, that fatherfucker) which live up to the album's name.

Yeah, that's it really. Go. listen. to. the. album. NOW. 

It's a 9.19/10 from me,  love it. It perfection. 

Link to it