Back in the middle school I used to play the piano, something that, at the time, I didn't really like. It always felt like punishment to me but it did open this mental door of possibilities as I was taught to dabble my tiny feet into the sea of intricacies of music theory.

 Fast forward a couple of months, and I, as well as many others, we're degenerated by the shit-fest that was Undertale's community of talented losers. I always loved that game's music to the point where I would remix other's songs or try to make my own, files of which I've lost when I switched laptops a while ago.

This casual fascination of music would start evolving into something more when at the start of high school I would stop listening primarly to video game OST's and switch my preference to bigger productions that are mainly of the past.

What you will see here is the result of that fascination as I've begun writing about various different artists that I love so much that I was willing to give them my money.

Here's a list of albums that I will / have writtten about so far: